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PostSubject: Sibu   Sibu EmptyWed Nov 28, 2012 1:59 am

Sibu 245y2h0

"strike; trouble"

Gender: Male
Age: Cub
Species: Lion
Pride: Rogue
Rank: None

Appearance: His pelt is a perfect blend of his parents’. He is a ruddy brown shade, with a creamy tan underbelly and muzzle. As a cub, his tuft of mane slicks backwards, reminiscent of his father. Indeed, as he grows, Sibu will begin to look more and more like young Taka, before he became the tyrant known as Scar. Sibu’s eyes are his father’s eyes: piercing green orbs with bright yellow, and miniscule, beady pupils. His nose is black as night, curving up sharply. Unlike his father, however, his physique is more sturdy. His young life as a rogue means that Sibu spends a great deal of time traveling, and so he will develop muscles that his father would have envied. He eats enough thanks to the care of his mother and aunt, and he is destined to be stronger than Scar ever was physically.

Personality: Despite the lack of paternal influence in his lifetime, Sibu seems to be Scar reincarnate. His cruel thoughts, wicked intentions, even his mannerisms all echo his late father. The only creature who he does not inwardly dislike is his mother Kata, who would always treat the cub with kindness and love. In spite of her gentleness and affection, Sibu has a nasty temper and is very selfish. He will take what he can get and feel no remorse if anyone else should suffer because of him. On the contrary, he believes others deserve pain. His life is difficult, growing up without a pride and without a home, and he is bitter towards anyone and everything for the harsh conditions he will endure. Extremely intelligent, Sibu knows how to use everything around him to his advantage, including his mother. He will learn at a young age how to be manipulative and calculating, with charm that he can turn on like a switch when he feels like it. He believes that he deserves more than what the rogue lifestyle can offer, and a determination to improve his lot in life could prove disastrous as he reaches maturity.

Family: Kata (mother), Scar (father), Ari, Giza, Tasa, & Uma (half-sisters), Kifu & Nuka (half-brothers), Simba (cousin), Imani (aunt)
History: Sibu will never meet his father. He is the last born offspring of Scar before the dark king’s fall from power. Like his many siblings before him, Sibu was created because Scar had an agenda: to create the perfect heir, which seemed impossible as the years passed. All of his brothers and sisters had been a disappointment, but Scar would have been pleased with Sibu, had he lived long enough to see the son he created with the gentle lioness Kata. It was Scar’s last chance to perfect his legacy, and Kata was not hard to convince. He kept a close eye on the pregnant lioness – so close that he failed to notice the growing unrest or the signs that change would soon come.

Instead of growing up a pampered prince, Sibu will be destined to live the life of exiles, roaming away from the Pridelands for the safety of the final son of Scar. Sibu looked (and acted) so much like Scar that it was impossible to deny who his father was, and the name of Scar would go on to be one of the most despised in the history of the Pridelands. Sibu will be an outcast from the day of his birth, and he has a grudge against the world... and he has something to prove.


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