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PostSubject: Maya(WIP!)   Maya(WIP!) EmptySat Nov 17, 2012 1:13 am

Please place an image of your character here.


Gender: Female
Age: 2.5 Years
Species: African Lion
Pride: Rogue
Rank: princess of whatever she very well pleases.

Appearance: Being raised solely by her mother for much of her life, Maya's physique reflects being the child of a single parent. She is a bit smaller that what she should be, with lanky legs and a thin waist. Her chest is deep, but narrow. What muscle she does have is stringy and lean. Her ribs poke out and are visible the majority of the time, but her natural build is more the cause rather than being underweight. Her fur is short and somewhat coarse, and where it grows out it begins to crimp into messy waves. Maya's facial features are somewhat odd when compared to the typical lions that reside in the Pridelands and surrounding kingdoms. She has a wide, wedge-shaped head with a small muzzle and large, yellow, lamp-like eyes. Her ears are even larger, making her resemble a bat in some odd way. Maya's coat is a deep cocoa color, while her limbs and face are much darker in comparison.

Personality: Despite being fairly young, Maya has an attitude well beyond her years. She's learned that when living on your own, you've gotta be tough. And if you can't make it, you have to fake it until others are completely unquestioning.
Family: Jasiri - Mother. Father and other relatives unknown.
History: At least two paragraphs here, if applying for a cub you can include the history of the parents in order to gain length.


OOC Alias: Willow
Best Way to Contact: PM!
Rp Sample:
It had been only a few hours since she had ventured to the edge of Stoneclaw. A few hours since she met the less-than-amiable Kobolt, and had been given permission to reside within the territory as a member of the pride. A few hours since her new life began. Katia was absolutely thrilled. These rolling plains were her home now, and she would give them her very best. She still had yet to meet much of the pride, but from its reputation beyond the borders, Katia thought it would be a good fit.

She had hovered near the outskirts for a while after being accepted, but eventually ventured deeper into the heart of the territory. She had not run into another member on her walk, but it was still early. Katia had been at the borders since before dawn so many of the other residents were only just now waking up. So, she would wait until they begun their days to meet and greet them.

That is, if she could actually stay awake.

The scarred sabre had made her way to a small creek, dipping her head low to lap at the surface. Her long mane fell across her face, sinking into the water. She sighed, exasperated. That always happened. Lifting her head and shaking out her mane, Katia wandered down the bank of the creek, watching as frogs and crickets leapt out of her way. As the excitement of the morning slowly wore off, weariness slipped into its place and the sabre's bulky form sagged. She found a flat boulder along the creek's edge, washed in a ray of sunshine just begging for some fine feline to sprawl across it. Katia hopped up and settled down with a contented sigh. This was nice.

Or at least, until she heard something rustling and bumbling through the grass. Blinking awake, Katia lifted her head and caught sight of a small bundle of fluffy grey fur. A smile spread across her muzzle - perhaps one of the things she missed most about pride life was the litters of round, bouncing bubbly cubs. She herself never had a litter, or was really any good with cubs with for that matter, but that didn't stop her from thinking they were just the cutest things to ever grace the earth.

Katia smiled softly, leaning over the edge of her boulder to peer down at the spotted cub. "Boo!" She said. If the cub hadn't noticed the tawny sabre before, she would now.
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