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 Secret hiding place

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Secret hiding place Empty
PostSubject: Secret hiding place   Secret hiding place EmptyMon Nov 12, 2012 9:29 pm

It seemed like no one had found her except maybe the one who had found her hiding out. She felt like she was the Queen of the caves, where she was hiding out, though she didn't have any subjects under her or anyone that would call her queen or anything like that. But she was a lone in the territory so she thought that she was the Queen of the Caves.

She was happy living here, though it was lonely. It seemed like her mother was either too scared to come after her or something else was up. Maybe someone from the coldlands would come and bring her back home. But for now, it seemed like she was out on her own.

At least whom ever owned the caves didn't come and kick her out or had visited the caves where she now called home to invite her to stay with them. She felt like this was her own home, and no one could take it from her, although she wasn't sure if anyone would really want to call the caves home, except maybe herself.

Right now she was taking a nap, curled up in a corner of one of the caves, her eyes closed, her tail wrapped around her like a normal sleeping cub. Bones of her latest meal laid not to far from where she was napping. It seemed like hunting then a full meal had tuckered this year and a couple of months or so old lioness out.
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Secret hiding place
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