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 Kato: The Rouge Cub.

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Kato: The Rouge Cub. Empty
PostSubject: Kato: The Rouge Cub.   Kato: The Rouge Cub. EmptyThu Sep 13, 2012 11:13 pm

Kato: The Rouge Cub. Dumaka10

Gender: Male
Age: 1 year old
Species: African Lion (Panthera leo)
Pride: Outlanders
Rank: Cub
Appearance: Kato is a dark, almost earthy brown. His underfur, muzzle, ears and paws are a light greyish-cream, and he sports a black tuft of his forehead and tail. He inherited this appearance from his mother, but he has subtle genetics from his father.

Personality: Kato is a troublemaker, a rambunctious little cub who loves to do before thinking, which means he can get into trouble often. He loves to talk back to his elders, especially his father, but not in an obnoxious way. He does it out of love and respect. However, he's anti-social to other cubs because of his sordid past.

Family: Father: Dumaka
Mother: Jahari (jewel) (deceased)
Brother: Hodari (clever) (deceased)

Kato was born to Dumaka and Jahari, along with his sibling Hodari. The brown cub, whose birth name was Dunia (world), would be referred to as Kato by everyone who met him. His smaller, older sibling was named Hodari (brave).
*From Dumaka's profile, sorry for the copy-paste...*
Dumaka fell in love with Kiume's mother at a young age even though she was not. Dumaka being a rogue was only allowed to stay in the Pridelands for short amounts of time. Kiume saw his father only twice before Scar became king, and once Scar did Dumaka came running back to save his child and mate. However, Scar saw the lingering male and sent the hyenas to dispose of him, the beasts returning with blood on their muzzles 'confirming' his death. However, there was no body to be found, making Dumaka's death questionable like Simba's. And just like Simba did, Dumaka escaped and became a rogue. Having found out that his son is now king of the Outlands, he vows to return and be a father in the years he has left.

Kato's younger sibling and mother were killed in a fire just after weaning. To this day, he remains anti-social.

However, entering the Outlands may change that...

OOC Alias: Goji, Mheetu
Best Way to Contact: PM, E-mail (ultradester306@hotmail.ca/MheetuKatoDH@hotmail.ca)
Rp Sample: n/a
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Kato: The Rouge Cub.
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