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The Pridelanders
Scar & Zira
♂04 ♀05

The Outlanders
Kiume & --
♂04 ♀02

The Coldlanders
Ismahel & --
♂03 ♀03

The Shadowlanders
Ni & Abuto
♂07 ♀03

The Desertlanders
-- & Quanna
♂02 ♀03

The Lowlanders
Nyota & Duara
♂02 ♀09

The Ashlanders
Nako & Heshima
♂02 ♀03

The Rogues
♂04 ♀04

The Other Species
♂03 ♀00

Total: 63
♂31 ♀32

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 doghrse's lions

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PostSubject: doghrse's lions   doghrse's lions EmptySun Jul 29, 2012 12:19 am

Tama has been banished by Scar... she has been in the outlands since Scar banished her. She might or might not return to the pride rock, but we'll see

She has no family as of yet.

She could use friends

She has Nala as a friend, Malka as a friend (Need that) I believe Kiume is an old friend of hers from when she was a cub.

Her personality is
Tama is calm and able to appreciate life, as she's seen welcoming a butterfly that landed on her nose. She is irritable however, and doesn't like Simba, she finds his antics very annoying.

Tama doesn't seem to hold a grudge, as even though Simba annoys her, she helps him get away from the snakes closing in on him.

So yeah she is open for anything right now, though cubs are out of the question still until she really wants to trust someone and breed with her. Scar did try, and she escaped with a mark upon her hind leg when he grabbed her to turn her around to meet his eyes before she ran off.


I guess friends for her she is looking for, she currently lives with her duaghter in the coldlands. She might be dying soonish, but we'll see, but she'll probably take her daughter to the pridelands when Simba takes the crown back, but we'll see.

Sarafina doesn't seem like the dominant opinionated lioness her daughter Nala is. Instead of forming her own thoughts and opinions, she ask for the thoughts and opinions of others. Even in the books she simply seems like the typical, protective and caring mother.


friends is a plus for her.

She is loyal, kind, caring and a bit ambitious. She is loyal to her mother, though since now their life has been in question, she has been cautious. She won't ask for others opinions unless necessary. She doesn't laugh at pain nor sadness, instead she'll try to comfort the one who is hurt. She is protective of her mother, and sort of possessive of her. She is like Nala, in forming her own thoughts and opinions, though she would ask just in case if she isn't sure of something.

She'll try to stay out of trouble, but trouble rarely finds her unless she disobeys her mother's word. She can be reassured if she is doing something right and sometimes thinks someone is out to get her, though this will wear off within time. She is also with others to hold grudge, especially against those who she felt have betrayed her trust.

doghrse characters

Sarafina I Tama I Kujuta
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PostSubject: Re: doghrse's lions   doghrse's lions EmptyTue Aug 07, 2012 12:16 pm

I was hoping Sakitu and Kujuta could become friends.
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PostSubject: Re: doghrse's lions   doghrse's lions EmptyTue Aug 07, 2012 7:02 pm

your welcome to post to them in the cold lands if you like, Sarafina is teaching her daughter how to hunt
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PostSubject: Re: doghrse's lions   doghrse's lions Empty

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doghrse's lions
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