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 Rsovic (WIP)

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PostSubject: Rsovic (WIP)   Rsovic (WIP) EmptyFri Jul 27, 2012 2:08 pm

Rsovic (WIP) 207mj3o


Gender: Male
Age: Cub: 3 Years
Species: Lion
Pride: None
Rank: Adult

Appearance: a fallen king. plain and simple, what was once an embodiment of youth and dignified eminence has transformed into a somewhat feral complexion; though his steps are not lacking in terms of nobility and pride. an inheritance of a deep dark furred pelt stained with thin scars. three vertical laceration tear accross the beast's right brow to his cheek, two drawing horizontally accross those. a pale eye once livid in deep violet, now a dull silver from blindness. a criss cross of lesions resting on the large male's left back haunch while a series of pink scabbed over scars and puncture wounds that imply a rather brutal wound rest on his left shoulder. though they have faded with time and are not seen from a distance, once in close range the marks are undeniable. similiar pale coral hued scores trace around his front right paw, right shoulder and various other parts of his body. Aside from these somewhat minor defects, a surprisingly charming and distinct purple left eye stares out from a lengthy russet, almost crimson colored mane. as rsovic's pelt decends downwards along his limbs the dark russet brown tints fade into a faint darker shade instead of light colored mitts. however his stomach and muzzle are canvased with a blending masterpiece of sandy creme, even going as far as to line beneath each eye and bring more attention to the lion's gaze. build with partially stocky limbs and a tall frame, a tuft of russet red sprouting off the end of his tail. his nose dipped in a charcoal black. and despite the unfriendly appearance of coldness, nothing can hide the certain aura of calculating intelligance lurking out behind his eyes, nor the proud and poised gait given in each step.

Personality: Walking contradiction.

Distant. There's no denying it, Rsovic is as insociable as they come. Although he wasn't always, the events surrounding his life and time which has passed had done some heavy damage. Rsovic comes off as aloof in most in most cases, seemingly seeing a reality altogether different than what is. He doesn't like getting close for fear of losing what he may gain. Not to mention the advantage it would give an enemy if they knew just how he felt. Thus he likes to keep most of his verbal sessions short and cryptic. The farther he is on an emotional level, the less chance he has to remember the loss and pain suffered.

Ambitious. While Rsovic's passion for success than failure may come about looking cruel, fact is, he believes himself unworthy of happiness. Thus forcing himself to constantly strive for something better even when perfection may be staring him straight in the face. It's a crucial flaw and virtue that tends to both blind sight the male and inspire him for something visionary and grand. When he wants something, there is no lack of heart and soul. He gives it all and takes everything - or nothing. There is no middle ground anymore. Determined not to fall prey to life's hazardous grasp and cruelty ever again.

Noble. Beneath even the darkest of mannerisms lurks a shining beacon. Regardless of Rsovic's contempt, he is not without devotion and loyalty. A humane creature simmers under the surface bound by honor and justice. A refined nature of compassion and ardent sentiment lays in wait for the precious moments to light up. Although rare and hard to portray at most times, Rsovic struggles with expressing his passion and rapture in many aspects. But it is there nonetheless and manages to come through in the hardest of times. Some instincts are hard to keep locked away, and what may surprise some is his natural yearning to protect and sacrifice for the better of others. In some ways, it is Rsovic's undeniable urge to seek redemption for what he considers "crimes of his past" and setting things straight.

Monster.Not so much a barbaric animal as his own views of what he thinks of himself. The man is unable to picture himself as anything but a villain; due to his failure with prosperity and atrocious acts against those that where once close. It is his damndest belief that he is in many ways "broken" and therefore unlovable. Sometimes his "inner" voice managed to get the better of Rsovic and provoke him into behaving in a most bestial way. There is a merciless and fierce carnal being that constantly struggles with his more notable qualities. Constantly dominating itself into broad daylight before he manages to stifle it down again.

The best place to start... the beginning. Not quite Rsovic's start, but the effects set in motion long before his conception would be the foundation of a life to be. With the Terrorlands being deserted for so long, it was only a matter of time before some lost souls managed to find their way back to begin a new era. One such fellow who came to Terrorlands after hearing some stories from his parents went by the name of



OOC Alias: Khalli
Best Way to Contact: dA @ Khallidora
Rp Sample: You only have to do this for your first character.
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Rsovic (WIP)
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