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The Pridelanders
Scar & Zira
♂04 ♀05

The Outlanders
Kiume & --
♂04 ♀02

The Coldlanders
Ismahel & --
♂03 ♀03

The Shadowlanders
Ni & Abuto
♂07 ♀03

The Desertlanders
-- & Quanna
♂02 ♀03

The Lowlanders
Nyota & Duara
♂02 ♀09

The Ashlanders
Nako & Heshima
♂02 ♀03

The Rogues
♂04 ♀04

The Other Species
♂03 ♀00

Total: 63
♂31 ♀32

* - Character Found in Want Ads

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 Bee's Hive

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Bee's Hive Empty
PostSubject: Bee's Hive   Bee's Hive EmptyTue Jul 24, 2012 5:18 pm

Bee's Hive 2l903yg

FAMILY: Mufasa (father), Sarabi (mother), Scar (uncle), many cousins
AFFILIATION: Rogue (Soon to be: Pridelands -- King)
Change is coming to the jungle. A ghost from Simba's past will soon appear there, urging him to return to his home. The golden lion is haunted by memories and guilt, and after a vision of his father, the rightful king will finally return.

Bee's Hive 2ufugt1
FAMILY: Zira (mate), Ari (daughter), Tasa (daughter), Giza (daughter), Kifu (son), Uma (daughter), Nuka (son), Uru (mother), Ahadi (father), Mufasa (brother), Simba (nephew)
AFFILIATION: Pridelands (King)
Scar's days are numbered. He has pushed his suffering pride to the brink. Now all that remains are two cubs and several lionesses that refuse to leave their home, despite the poor circumstances. The rest of his brood are dead, missing, or banished by Scar himself. He has taken an interest in a number of the Pridelander females again.

Bee's Hive Chars3nyota

FAMILY: Duara (mate), Nyima (daughter), Sakitu (son)
AFFILIATION: Lowlands (Queen)
Nyota ascended the throne because her father and brothers had all been killed when she was still young. She takes her role as leader very seriously, is mistrustful of strangers, and is determined to prove that a female can rule effectively. She is capable of ruthlessness and cunning, when necessary. Her constant companion and co-ruler is her childhood friend, a lioness named Duara.

Bee's Hive Ddz8ew
FAMILY: Scar (father), Heshima (mother), Ari (sister), Tasa (sister), Kifu (brother), Uma (half-sister), Nuka (half-brother), Kiasi (half-brother), Makosa (half-brother)
AFFILIATION: Lowlands (former Princess of the Pridelands)
The forgotten daughter of Scar. As a young cub, Giza got lost and her father refused to send anyone to help her. When no one came to the cub's rescue, she became lost and happened upon the jungle and a friendly cub named Upendo. Giza grew up healthy in the Lowlands and is now a teenager. She has recently reunited with her mother and brother in the neighboring Ashlands.

Bee's Hive 10p9k5z

FAMILY: Kiume (father), Ilani (mother), Kavu (brother), Kudumu (brother), Zivia (adopted sister)
AFFILIATION: Outlands (Princess)
Daughter of King Kiume of the Outlands and his deceased mate, Tao is the princess of a barren land. Tao's mother died while giving birth to the litter. She has dreams and visions, and is learning the art of healing to someday become a shaman. Now fully grown, Tao is awkward but caring and highly intuitive.

Bee's Hive Kbdbf7
"brave; proud"
FAMILY: Shani (mother), Shinikizo (father), Ziko (brother), Upendo (brother), Sakina (sister), Malaika (sister)
Jabari's parents were young. Their litter of five was created after knowing each other a short time. Jabari and his brother Ziko were taken away by their father when they were young, and he still resents his father for this, even though the lion is now dead. He is now a teenager and is planning a life without a pride when he is old enough. He has no respect for females unless they earn it (or if they're young and attractive), and he has no use for other males.
WANTED: Lionesses to join his harem, enemies

Bee's Hive 3476x4l
"judgement; cleverness; wit"
FAMILY: Vumbi (mother), Korofi (father), Adhra (sister)
AFFILIATION: Desertlands
Akili is the product of an unwanted union between a rogue and a lioness from the desert. He is smart, always looking for mischief to get into and for new places to explore. His mother deserted her children, and Akili will never meet his vile father, assuming instead that he's a great lion who died before he was born. Nearing adolescence, Akili is becoming a challenge to control due to his lack of parental guidance. He strays often.

Bee's Hive 3310hhj
"and here"
FAMILY: Chui (half-brother)
AFFILIATION: Ashlands (King)
Nako found the Ashlands after a life long search for a place to call home. He welcomes any travelers and is friendly and accepting towards strangers. His massive size usually keeps others from starting trouble with him, but others seem to feel comfortable around him. His queen is Heshima, though they are not romantically involved.. Yet.

Bee's Hive 10hqf42


FAMILY: Abuto (mother), Ni (father), Kanu/Kovu (brother), Zuri/Vitani (sister), Kiasi (adoptive brother), Makosa (adoptive brother)
AFFILIATION: Shadowlands (Prince)
Kirabo is the young son of Abuto and Ni, rulers of the Shadowlands. He was the last to arrive and the smallest of his litter. He is a happy-go-lucky cub, always ready and willing to make new friends.

Bee's Hive 18lo36

"be of equal status; balance"
FAMILY: Duara (biological mother), Nyota (adoptive mother), Nyima (sister), Dyota (sister)
AFFILIATION: Lowlands (Princess)
Coming soon!

I know that the night must end, and that the sun will rise.
Bee's Hive Simbasig1
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PostSubject: Re: Bee's Hive   Bee's Hive EmptyTue Jul 24, 2012 11:00 pm

Tama and Tao - same pride maybe friends really good friends or something

I was thinking maybe Simba, but not sure

Kujuta and Jabari?

doghrse characters

Sarafina I Tama I Kujuta
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Posts : 40
Pride Points : 263150
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PostSubject: Re: Bee's Hive   Bee's Hive EmptyThu Jul 26, 2012 3:42 pm

Tao/Tama -- Tao doesn't really have friends, she's awkward around others. When the Outlanders return to the Pridelands, Tao will stray back into the Outlands so they won't be in the same pride anymore.

Simba/Sarafina -- Simba can't see anyone from his past at this point except for Nala convincing him to return. I don't know what you plan to do with Sarafina once Scar is gone.

Jabari/Kujuta -- Jabari tends to avoid the rest of the pride. No one has told him tht Kujuta is his half-sister, but since she looks so much like his other siblings, he's put two and two together. He hates Shinikizo and so he would be very cruel to Kujuta. He's running away from the Coldlands very soon.

I know that the night must end, and that the sun will rise.
Bee's Hive Simbasig1
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PostSubject: Re: Bee's Hive   Bee's Hive Empty

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Bee's Hive
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