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PostSubject: Choices   Choices EmptySat Jun 09, 2012 11:33 am

[url=ourchoices.proboards.com]Choices Choices_Banner_1[/url]
Welcome, to the Island of Choices, surrounded by the most picturesque ocean ever created. A deep, soulful blue with coral reefs just off shore. The island is split into five different climates. On the south side of the island tall golden grass, rolling fields, bright green trees, and a fiery hot sun call the Savanna home. Tall thick, lush green trees, the ground shielded from the sun by a dense canopy in the Jungle on the west side of the island. The northern part of the island is home to the North Forest. Tall pine trees, freezing winters, and blistering summers, and scores of fruits and berries reside here. Then in the East there is the city and the places surrounding it. Here you will see city life from the point of view of the animals residing there, in zoos or in homes, you will find the friends and servants of man, and the enemies concealed within. Finally there is the Meeting Ground. This is located on the south west side of the island, it is a mash up of all these areas, a paradise for all animals, and yet at the same time, many come here to meet their doom.
Current plot: the volcano formed the island is on the brink of destroying it. It rumbles and spews gas from time to time, but with each time, it gets stronger. Ash is beginning to coat the landscape; animals try to flee from the volcano in terror. The furry of the mountain will be great; do you have what it takes to survive when it blows?


- just re-opened
-staff positions open
-needs members
-friendly people waiting for you
-animal AND human RPG
-100 word minimum
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