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 Cait's Cats

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PostSubject: Cait's Cats   Sun Jan 15, 2012 9:23 pm


Family: Surrogate mother of Kiasi and Makosa
Looking for: Shadowlanders, Kimondo*, friends
Previously a skittish young rogue, the past few months helped Abuto move on from her somewhat difficult past. She’s made friends despite her doubt that anyone would like her, and has found her home in the Shadowlands, with Ni. A marozi lion, Abuto still maintains her cubhood spots, though they are light, and are partially the source of her poor self image. While still shy and uncertain, her confidence is slowly growing, which is good because she has recently been thrust into the role of mother for two abandoned Pridelander cubs, Makosa and Kiasi, and is now raising them with Ni.

~temporarily dropped. See [x]

Family: Surrogate mother of Kauta* and Uchafu*
Looking for: Desertlanders, a mate, friends, enemies(?), Kauta*, Uchafu*

Quanna is queen of the Desertlands, and as such is a strong, resilient lioness. She's now 6 and a half years old, understands the world fairly well, and takes her job as queen very seriously. She can be pretty strict and challenging, because that's what you have to be to survive in the desert, but she is very loving once she decides you won't hurt her pride. She has a fun side too, especially around cubs, but is in general fiercely protective and compassionate. She gives creatures who wander into her territory a chance and would generally rather calmly talk through any issues than jump straight to violence. However, if she feels like she, her lands, or her people are threatened, you will most likely not leave the desert without a few scars.

If anyone wants to plot with me specifically to join/be a Desertlander, do let me know. A lot of the details of her history are vague so I can plot pasts as need be.


Family: Daughter of Sarafina. Half-sister of Mheetu.
Looking for: Friends, back-up to fight against Scar
Nala is one of the few young ones of the original Pridelanders who remembers what it was like before Scar's rule. She and the other lionesses are trying to get by while avoiding the ruler and his current hunt for mothers of his cubs. Nala is frustrated these days, and longs to go back to how it was before. Still, she is a kind lioness who can get along with most anyone, but will protect her loved ones fiercely. She's more responsibility-oriented nowadays, but is ready to find a reason to have fun like in the old days again. Nala is currently looking for people who can help the Pridelanders revolt, but is biding her time until the odds on in her favour to start anything up.


Family: Daughter of Scar and Heshima. Sister of Giza, Ari, Kifu, and Mheetu (half).
Looking for: Friends
Tasa is one of Heshima’s and Scar’s large litter, and as such, is a fierce little thing filled with hate. A little under a year of life beneath her would-be-belt, Tasa has found no reason to do much more than distrust others, hate her father, and be anything but self-reliant. Deep down she is still a caring cub, especially for her siblings, at least when they’re not annoying her. She’s known to get into trouble and get others into trouble for her amusement, but there are limitations which, unfortunately, she has seen passed and now regrets it. She’s growing up quickly, and harshly. She’s limited to the Pride Rock by rule, but escapes regardless, though hasn’t met anyone outside her family except Tao. She’s curious, brave, but easily annoyed and very distrusting -- especially of males. The males in her life have been no good, so her view of them and the idea of eventually being a mother are very sour ideas. She suffers from middle child syndrome, only backed up by Scar’s lack of care, and doesn’t believe anyone truly loves her, and is starting to thinking she’s better off this way.


Family: n/a
Looking for: Targets, the lion who killed her mother
Khepri is a rogue lioness who is working for Scar as a spy, teamed up with Korofi. She's basically bad news for whoever she meets, and the best you can hope for is that she won't care about you and therefore not find you worthy of any of her time. She's obsessively trying to track down the lion that attacked her pride, killed her mother, and raped her a few months back. She's harsh, self-preservation-oriented, and doesn't really understand the concept of "friends." If you come across her in a fight (which wouldn't be rare for her) you would want her on your side, but convincing her of that is the problem. She's a good actress though, so long as she keeps her temper in check, and most likely she will find a way to manipulate those around her to further her own motives. Note that her loyalties don't actually lie with Scar, despite her position in the pride. In the end, she will do anything she needs to to get what she wants, may it be killing, betraying, or laying low.

~temporarily dropped. See [x]

Family: Son of Kiume and Ilani (deceased). Brother to Tao, Kudumu, and Zivia (adopted)
Looking for: Friends, playmates
Kavu is one of the royals of the Outlands. Cub of Kiume and Ilani, who died after birth, he is expected to attend princely lessons. But he’s pretty rambunctious and adventurous, getting distracted very easily and tends to either sneak or wander off (sometimes not on purpose) to play. He’s incredibly curious and thinks himself untouchable, though he doesn’t flaunt his princely title. He’s also stubborn and very protective of his siblings, and is always willing to cheer them (or anyone really) up when needed. Despite his sad entrance into the world, he’s rather optimistic, but he does have bouts of depression whenever he dwells too much on the question of his mother. If he is upset, he’ll try to brush it off, but if he’s angry, it’s not a pretty sight. Still, he is a kind cub full of energy and will be friendly to most anyone he meets -- unless one where to appear threatening to his siblings. In that case, it’s growl first, ask questions later.

*Characters in want ads

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PostSubject: Re: Cait's Cats   Sun Jan 15, 2012 10:22 pm

SCAR / ABUTO -- Scar is always interested in new lionesses joining his pride. He is determined to produce a handful of cubs to ensure his legacy, but because Abuto is small, Scar would not see her as a suitable mate. He is looking for lions to use as spies (going to a neighboring pride and living in deceit), if Abuto has any inclination toward the dark side!

NYOTA / ABUTO -- Nyota is the queen of the jungle kingdom, the Lowlands, and her personality is very similar to Abuto's. Nyota is fiercely determined to prove that a female can be a competent ruler. So far, there are no other Lowlands, and Nyota could use friends and allies.

ILANI / ABUTO -- Ilani is an Outlander, and she and Abuto have one thing in common. Lani means "curse," and her luck has always been bad. Her family was a rogue of thieves, and she struggles to live with her dark past. I'm not sure what these two could do, but if Abuto ends up in the Outlands, the two could be friends Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Cait's Cats   Sun Jan 15, 2012 10:34 pm

I'm not sure how Abuto would feel about being a spy just yet, but that is an interesting thought, so I think we should discuss this further later one!

I think Abuto could gain greatly from Nyota! It think her determination to be a good ruler would help Abuto gain her own confidence to be a competent lioness in general. This I think would be interesting so see how it'll go!

I like their commonality, and I agree they could have some interesting times if she finds her way to the Outlands!

Sooo ha, basically I agree to everything? I think my favourite at the moment would be seeing how Nyota and Abuto could develop though!
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PostSubject: Re: Cait's Cats   Sun Jan 15, 2012 11:11 pm

Here's an open thread with Nyota, you can have Abuto hop in here.

The others are something to consider down the line Smile Yay for plotting!
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PostSubject: Re: Cait's Cats   Sat Jan 21, 2012 2:26 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Cait's Cats   Sun Jan 29, 2012 12:20 am

Updated with Nala Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Cait's Cats   Sun Jan 29, 2012 2:01 pm

Alright, 12 plot ideas coming your way! Oh the dark side of having so many characters...

Kiume and Abuto:
As reigning king of the Outlands, Kiume would be wary of Abuto's presence in the lands but would open up to her rather quickly. She's too young to be of any danger to his pride, so he'd probably give her permission to stay in the lands. Who knows? A friendship might blossom between the two and he might just be willing to accept her into his pride.

Kiume and Quanna:
With both being royals, Kiume might want to set up an alliance between the two prides. The lands are similar except Kiume's have been fated with exile and punishment unlike the latter pride. Having Lani in his pride as a former Desertlander, he'll want to know the life she came from and how much worse she is in the Outlands than her homeland.

Kiume and Nala:
Kiume grew up in the Pridelands and is about a year older than Nala. He was exiled around the time she was a full-fledged cub so she'd might remember him if they crossed paths. Kiume could have watched her whilst the females were out hunting and he'd be appalled with how the lands have become under Scar's tyranny. When Nala returns with Simba, Kiume will be wanting to rejoin the Pridelanders and give up his kingship in the Outlands. He'd remember her but she might not remember him.

Heshima and Abuto:
Not much I can see happening with these two, although Heshima might warn Abuto to get away from the Pridelands so Scar wouldn't try to forcefully mate her. If Heshima however gets exiled with her cubs once Simba returns, she might come across Abuto and need her help in surviving as a rogue.

Heshima and Quanna:
No reason Heshima needs to step out of her lands and plus Scar would probably be keeping a close eye on her. If worst comes to worst and Heshima becomes exiled, she might wander into the Desertlands with her cubs, but might not stay due to the harsh conditions.

Heshima and Nala:
Childhood friends? Pridemates need to stick together and Nala might be able to help with Heshima's litter if she has trouble. Plus it'd give Nala practice for when Kopa and Kiara come around! (Well, up to you and whoever's gonna play Simba if you guys want Kopa/Tanabi or not. Which also leads me up to a small plot idea I have including Ni! xD) Heshima would cover for Nala once she flees to find help, and she might lean on her while she's here as the sister she never had.

Ni and Abuto:
They have a small history together, and Ni found her practically adorable. He might seek her out when she's a few months older and try to convince her to become his mate. But all in all, a friendship bond would be enough for him to suffice.

Ni and Quanna:
Ni's looking for mates as you already know so he might wander into the Desertlands looking for one. As prince of the Shadowlands, he might propose an alliance between the two prides but he knows he can't do much and would only put in a good word to his older brother.

Ni and Nala:
They have a history together as they met when Nala was a cub. Ni thinks about her constantly and what has become of the wretched lands. When she leaves to find Simba she might run into him but Ni would keep his word about, "I don't attack other lions," that he gave to her years ago. I had a fan art a while ago where Ni could possibly be Kopa's father instead of Simba (since I think Kopa looks more like him than Simba) and since Nala mated with Ni and conceived Kopa days prior to finding Simba and mating with him she passed off the cub as Simba's. All in all it's up to you really, it could cause tension between the two and ultimately the prides. Thoughts?

Shinikizo and Abuto:
Keep Abuto away from Kizo! He wants heirs and to ultimately become king of the Coldlands (so think of him as the Scar of the lands). If he doesn't become exiled before that, he'll leave for a bit and most likely mate, have cubs, and kill the mother so there would be no interference. Abuto would be a little bit young for his advances, but he wouldn't care. Shinikizo is super seductive, and will only lead to trouble for the female.

Shinikizo and Quanna:
Same thing here, Kizo will be looking for mates and Quanna will have to protect her pride. A royal cub in his mind would be perfect for his plans since (s)he'd have rights to both kingdoms if he succeeds so he might go after Quanna as well. In respect he'd keep her alive but still whisk the cub away without any word on where they'd be heading.

Shinikizo and Nala:
Having being from 'sister' prides, Shin would actually leave Nala alone. He might see her as a friend more than anything, maybe even a best friend since he truly had none when he was a cub. If Nala found out about his plans she'd be appalled, but Kizo wouldn't care. He'd let her know that he respects her and wouldn't touch her, especially if he finds Simba during his travels since he remembers a lot of the Pridelander cubs from his very few visits there when he was a cub and remembers their betrothal.
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PostSubject: Re: Cait's Cats   Mon Jan 30, 2012 8:49 pm

Holy fudge, all the plotting!! This will take me a while haha, but it’s all quite wonderful <3
This goes Kiume, Heshima, Ni, and Shinikizo.

Abuto and Kiume:
Abuto’s super sweet and, like you said, no danger at all, so I agree they could end up being friends. She’d be a bit wary at first because of his own wariness, but if she had reason to stay and talk a bit, I’m sure her sweet side would come out again.

Quanna and Kiume:
This would be interesting, it’d be great to have some more royals coming together, especially to make ties for the future whatever it may hold with Scar. Alliances are definitly good, and if we/I can set up some background with Lani, all three of us could have a thread with it. I haven’t read through Lani’s profile, so maybe she came from another lion pride in the desert if it won’t fit with the background, but we could try.

Nala and Kiume:
I think it could be possible for Nala to tread near the Outlands while out hunting and looking for water, so if you wanted them to cross paths before Simba returns we could do that too. Regardless, once he comes back I don’t see why Nala would have a problem with Kiume rejoining their pride, so long as he is no threat to Simba which I don’t think he’ll be. She’d probably remember him a bit, I’d imagine Nala tried to play with everyone in the pride as a cub, especially with her best friend gone, so we can give them a bit of history or he could just be one of those lions that she’s remembers his face and that he used to live there, but that’s it. That’s up to you!


Abuto and Heshima:
Scar and I agreed that Abuto wouldn’t be on his radar for cubs, because of her youth, spots, and smaller than average size. Regardless we’re planning to eventually have a thread, because I’m sure Scar would be horribly mean to Abuto, and I just love torturing my characters. If Abuto would ever run into Heshima, I think they’d get along well, but nothing of interest would happen probably, unless we incorporate her cubs or Scar in some way. I’ve not clue what’ll happen once Simba returns, but Abuto would be willing to help her and her cubs regardless!

Quanna and Heshhima:
An initial meeting is all I see with them, due to their circumstances. Unless you wanted to do something with them visiting an old religious shrine or something. Quanna surprised be and proved very spiritual haha. Quanna would be kind and open to her, especially if she got exiled with her cubs, but I wouldn’t recommend her staying with the Desertlanders due to the conditions.

Nala and Heshima:
We could run with this! Nala would definitely help, especially after Scar being cruel to Heshima for not producing adequate boys. Though she’d be wary to be seen with Scar’s cubs, because she wouldn’t want him getting any ideas. Still, Nala would no doubt help her, and it would be a great plot saver to have Heshima cover for Nala -- unless we run with the idea that Nala gets banished (the original plan in the LK sketches, after Nala refused to have cubs with Scar). Either way, Heshima and Nala could be good friends. Also, if we ever get so far, I do intend to have Kopa! I don’t know all that much about him, buuuut I like the idea regardless. I’m a bit confused on the Tanabi issue, but yeah, that’s far in the future and I don’t mind Nala having a litter rather than just Kiara, or mess around the ages and what not.


Abuto and Ni:
Dude these two are adorbs. She’s half clueless, half confused, mostly embarrassed, but loves cheering him up (it’s the one thing she’s good at, in her mind). Their awkwardness was hilarious. I’d love to develop their relationship, because they could have lots of fun together, regardless of whether or not they actually became mates (which again, would be ADORABLE, but I’m letting Abuto figure it out rather than force her, and like you said, we need a bit more time before she’s ready. I’ll need to find a way to get her more informed about the ways of an adult lioness. She knows stuff, and is intuitive, but like I said, she can still be rather clueless.) Even if he ends up having cubs with someone else, I could definitely see Abuto stopping by the help/play with them (and be all “i told ya you’d be a good father” haha).

Quanna and Ni:
I’m not sure how much we’ll be able to get out of these two, besides official business and alliances like you said.

Ni and Nala:
I did manage to read the short story with them in it, and thought it was all very cute! Your idea that he’s Kopa’s father is definitely an interesting one that I’d not mind doing in the slightest, and I know Nala would be super excited to see him whenever she does (and probably try to enlist his help in overthrowing Scar, in a more active way, since at this time she’s still assuming Simba is dead, and wants all the help she could get). All and all though , I think we have to let the characters themselves figure this out before actually deciding anything. If you want to start threading this out before Simba comes along, I’m sure I could find an excuse for Nala to look for food/water or something near the Shadowlands, since their territory is close.


Abuto and Shinikizo:
Noted! (Though if I ever feel the need to kill her off, we should bring this up again haha) The only thing I could add is that, if it would be possible/realistic that Abuto would be able to defend herself/escape from him (if only by chance), it might be a good turning point for her character development. Finally standing up for herself and what not. But this would be later, and like I said, I’m not sure if it would work or not.

Quanna and Shinikizo:
It’d be interesting to see how this goes, but Quanna is a pretty good judge of character, so I don’t think he’d let him mate with her, unless Quanna is really outta whack or something (I’d need to think of a very good excuse lol). Though I’ve been trying to figure out Quanna’s history regarding kings and cubs (having kept it open for the possibility that people might join). Cubknapping was one of them. Quanna was either never able to conceive with her late-king, only birthed girls, or had other cubs that died/went missing, or had sons recently who are still too young to take up the throne. To keep the spot of King open, Quanna’s pride has no males old enough to be King. But if you think we could possibly work out a background with Kizo and Quanna, that might be interesting. I’m just not sure how that might affect him. She’s been queen for two years now, and I’m saying that her mate died relatively recently, if that information is any help.

Nala and Shinikizo:
We can plot a background so Kizo can have friends, and the confrontation between the two regarding his plans and Scar-ish-ness would be interesting to thread out. We could do something with them, definitely.
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PostSubject: Re: Cait's Cats   Mon Jan 30, 2012 10:44 pm

I'll be a bit busy in the next few weeks, but here's some future plotting! We've talked about Abuto so here's the others:

NALA / MALKA -- Childhood friends, Malka and Simba were like brothers, so he remembers the Pridelanders fondly. Now he's a rogue, so if Nala ever wanders from Pride Rock, they could find each other. Malka doesn't know Simba is still alive. He would probably try to convince her to join him as a rogue, since he hates Scar.

NALA / SCAR -- It's best that Nala just avoid him for the time being, it's too soon for him to notice her. I like the original/musical theory that Nala was banished for refusing Scar's advances, but that won't happen for a while, without a Simba.

NALA / GIZA -- Giza will be Scar's look-alike, but she will be far less ambitious. I could see the lionesses feeling uneasy around the cub because of her appearance, and she'll probably be withdrawn. But maybe Nala could befriend her, or try to.

NALA / NYOTA -- These two probably wouldn't meet until Nala comes to the jungle. Perhaps then, after her banishment and before she finds Simba, the two can befriend each other.

QUANNA / ILANI -- According to Lani's history, she is originally from a violent rogue pride. She was a year old when her family was killed in the desert because of their rightfully earned bad reputation. Lani is now three, so it would have been around the time that Quanna became queen. She was unofficially adopted as a Desertlander, but never felt close to anyone. Maybe her family had something to do with the king's death? I don't know if that would be a good recipe for friendship, but Lani is going to die during childbirth so she won't be around forever anyway... Maybe Quanna would be friends with Lani's future cubs someday?

QUANNA / MALKA -- Malka feels comfortable around Quanna and may just stick around the desert for a while, since I don't have anything planned for him at the moment. The two can be friends, I don't know if anything more would ever happen, unless Quanna wanted an heir without a mate (Malka would likely take off if ever he gets a lioness pregnant).

QUANNA / SCAR -- Scar is preoccupied with his legacy at this time, so the desert is safe for now. I could see him targeting Nyota and the Lowlands rather than the Desertlands, which leads me to...

QUANNA / NYOTA -- Nyota could soon seek out Quanna's guidance and help, fearing Scar. They both have a problem, no males and no cubs, and I've pondered having Nyota steal someone else's cub someday. I don't think she'd share this plan with Quanna though, haha.

TASA / GIZA -- We've discussed these two before. I could see the two being bullies together, while having clashing personalities. I think both will think they're better than the other, and Scar will only encourage their rivalry.

TASA / SCAR -- Since she looks so much like her mother, she may have a hard time gaining Scar's attention at first, but her behavior should soon gain it. We can do a thread of just daughter and father once she's mobile and see how the two get along.
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PostSubject: Re: Cait's Cats   Tue Jan 31, 2012 1:07 am


Nala and Malka:
Yay for friends! Nala seems to have a lot. I think Nala would toy with the idea of joining him, the cub part of her dying to leave the Pridelands and knowing their future together would be interesting, like the adventures they all used to go on, but in the end Nala would resolve to stay. She’s too responsible to leave her pride for selfish reasons, even if she really would want to leave. We could thread out this interaction if ya’l like, though it’d only end with a disappointed Malka Sad Still, as childhood friends Nala would love to see and hang out with him again. Perhaps though, when she leaves/gets banished, she runs into him again and they could travel together for a short period, before parting ways so she can find Simba.

Nala and Scar:
Sounds good. I’m sure we could find a way to thread before then though, but for the time being, with everything else we’ll have on our plates, I think we can let these two wait. We could have a Heshima/Scar/Nala thread of some sort though, since Nala would be helping Heshima out.

Nala and Giza:
We can run with this -- Nala would be wary due to appearances, but wouldn’t let her judgement of the cub rely solely on that. Despite wanting to help Heshima, Nala will still be hesitant to be seen with any of the cubs, worried Scar would get ideas then. But if the two are away from his sight, I can definitely see Nala trying to befriend her (and trying to keep the darkness out of her heart.)

Nala and Nyota:
Definitely, they will most certainly befriend one another before she finds Simba, and will remember her in the future. I think Nala would love most everything about Nyota, though disagree on their views of males a bit.


Ilani and Quanna:
Just to clear things up -- are you saying the Desertlanders killed her previous pride? If they were as violent as you say, I could see Quanna and her mate finding them a threat and the prides getting into a fight with one another, no problem. Perhaps is this happened before Quanna was queen, we could say that was why her parents died -- they were killed/injured in that battle. If we can plot something with the death of Quanna’s mate too that’d be great! I think we need to develop this a bit more -- but yeah, if Lani’s cubs find their way to the Desertlands, I could definitely see Quanna taking them in if ya’d like.

Nyota and Quanna:
Yes, definitely we should make this happen! It’d be great to put these two together with their similar situations, but also Quanna’s more experience. Putting them together will be a great recipe against Scar, and good for future use considering how prosperous the Lowlands are in comparison. We could plot more about the cubnapping too, if we want to link that with any of my characters too.


Giza and Tasa:
We just need to start with the cubs! I was so excited to see them accepted early! They’ll both be bullies and bully each other, and goad one another on. I could see a great love/hate relationship with them, as they work great together when their goals are the same, but can so easily be put against one another too. I agree with the idea that they both believe they are the better lion. We can get these two into LOADS of trouble. It’ll be great XD The only question is -- how should we start?

Scar and Tasa:
I’m excited for this too, to see how it’ll all play out. She’ll definitely keep trying to get Scar’s attention through various methods. I could see her acting almost bi-polar in her methods, switching from sweet to rude in the blink of an eye as she tries to figure out which will get her what she wants. I would love a father/daughter thread to see what happens!
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PostSubject: Re: Cait's Cats   Tue Feb 07, 2012 5:00 pm

Mheetu and Nala
I see these two as sort of opposites. Mheetu is generally more messy and won't give a flying hornbill about being clean. But because Mheets is Nala's half-brother (unless in-cannon Nala is told by one of the directors of TLK to be Scar's daughter, then it would be full siblings, but anywho), the two would be like an older sister and younger brother, and the scenario itself leads to situations where Mheetu is attacked and Nala saves him, the relations lead for good character development.
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PostSubject: Re: Cait's Cats   Thu Feb 09, 2012 12:53 pm

I think they'd remain half-siblings, unless I'm told otherwise. But yeah, I can definitely see a general sibling relationship. They can get on each other's nerves, but Nala's got his back when it comes down to it. I could see them arguing a good amount, perhaps, and Nala would still be having to deal with an aversion to Mheetu from the fact his parents are Scar and Sarafina. I think she'd just be really uncomfortable by this, and probably rather annoyed. The more time passes, the more she's disliking Scar, so this isn't making it any better. But yes, at the end of the day, Mheetu is still a part of her pride and her half brother, so Nala would certainly protect him.
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PostSubject: Re: Cait's Cats   Mon Mar 12, 2012 6:48 pm

New character added Smile

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PostSubject: Re: Cait's Cats   Thu Apr 05, 2012 6:53 pm

We've already done a lot of plotting via PM, but here's a few more I'll toss out there for your consideration:

Quanna/Nyota -- I'd still like these two to meet and become allies, whenever you have free time.

Quanna/Akili -- Akili will look up to Quanna as a second mother, since Vumbi will be distant. He'll be a wanderer though, so he may be troublesome for her.

Quanna/Tao -- I'm determined that these two meet in the future, when Tao is older, so that she can learn about where her mother came from (the desert)! But this won't be for a while.

Tasa/Jabari -- I mentioned this already but I think they would make good friends, what with their daddy issues xD There aren't any girl cubs in the Coldlands or the Shadowlands so Jabari would like to have a female friend, especially if she's as tough as Tasa.

Kavu/Giza -- Giza is free to travel now. I can't think of anything off the top of my head but there's probably something interested that could happen between these two, like Giza spills information about the Pridelanders to Kavu that he could give to Kiume? *shrug*

Okay, now go comment on my plotting page because it looks sad and empty!
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PostSubject: Re: Cait's Cats   Sun Apr 08, 2012 3:23 pm

Here's Ilani (Tao's mother)'s back story:

She was born into a rogue pride led by her father, with three lionesses and a constant rotation of cubs that were born in big litters, but soon died due to neglect or abandonment. Ilani was lucky enough to survive until her first birthday, but her family was destroyed by the Desertlanders shortly after. They took pity on Lani and adopted her into the pride. In spite of her rough start, she was generally a friendly, but quiet lioness, appreciative to the pride that took her in. She left the desert on a scouting mission, met Kiume while they were both still young, returned to her pride, but left again to be with the Outlanders and Kiume. She lived with the Desertlanders for about two years.
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PostSubject: Re: Cait's Cats   

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Cait's Cats
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