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 Extended Familial Dispute

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Extended Familial Dispute Empty
PostSubject: Extended Familial Dispute   Extended Familial Dispute EmptyMon May 14, 2012 6:46 pm

It had been months since Heshima had given birth to her litter of boys, months since she had received her scar from her once lover, months since Giza disappeared. The female had accepted the fact that she was a prisoner and now the hyenas watching over her were minimal, only having the hyenas that were in the area watch her closely from a distance as she moved across the Pridelands. The violet eyed female wondered on how her sons were fairing in the Shadowlands, but quickly pushed off the thought. It was her choice to send them there, she couldn't think about them often. She would rather it be if her sons were dead, but she knew that the Shadowlanders were too kind of heart to kill off newborn cubs. Heshima's thoughts now drifted off to Giza, her motherly instincts told her that she was still alive and she cried daily for her lost daughter. She regretted not being able to spend one on one time with her daughter before she was lost and now Heshima made sure to spend time with all of her children daily. But the pale female knew that she was faring well, and that as soon as she was out of these lands she would go look for her.

And now Heshima lay on the edge of the gorge, looking down into the deep valley. She had not a care in the world anymore and some days she wondered what would happen if she just jumped off the edge into the gorge. But then, she still had three beautiful children, even if most did look like their father, that she loved and needed to care for. Heshima was proud of her Tasa, for she had stayed the furthest away from her father and the mother of six followed her lead. The lioness had almost cut off all lines of communication between Kifu and Scar, even though the latter wouldn't care for a conversation with his failure of a son. Kifu, the cub was starting to beef up as was noticeably Nuka. But in Nuka's case, it was his father that increased his rations and Heshima took that as a personal attack. Clearly he was strengthening him up to be the next king, and although Heshima was fine with that, her king could have at least told her of his intentions. Instead, Heshima had been only eating half of her meals and giving the rest to Kifu. Since the two boys seemed to be growing at the same rate, it looked as if they were the same size and no difference was between them. But Heshima could tell, she could always tell.

Scar had accepted Heshima into the royal family once more, but it wasn't a privilege as it had been. Now it said that she has an obligation to stay here and live out the rest of her days as a follower of Scar. The lioness hated this and she protested against her king everyday to herself. Whether it be deliberately giving her son more food, or giving him an evil eye once he turned around, she hated the russet male. How she wished that she could turn back time and undo everything that she had done. But, would she have received her children then? Heshima desperately wanted to fall in love, but all the male lions that she had come across had wronged her in one way or another. Scar had treated her like dirt and had destroyed the lands that she loved. Kuzimu raped and almost killed her, even if she didn't really meet this lion. But there was no way that this lioness could fall in love was there? Now aged four and a half, she was a full-fledged adult and she had six cubs of her own. Who would want to mate with a female like this one? None would fall for her would they? Finally the silence was broken by the sound of paws padding on the ground behind her. They were not her cubs so fully annoyed she lashed out, "What do you want?"

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Extended Familial Dispute
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