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 Wolf Packs RPG {Warriors Wolf Roleplay}

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Wolf Packs RPG {Warriors Wolf Roleplay} Empty
PostSubject: Wolf Packs RPG {Warriors Wolf Roleplay}   Wolf Packs RPG {Warriors Wolf Roleplay} EmptySat Apr 28, 2012 11:40 am

Wolf Packs RPG {Warriors Wolf Roleplay} WolfPacks_0

Wolves have roamed the forests for countless millennia, long before the first domesticated cat escaped its twoleg. Thus, is seems only natural that the feline warriors we know so well based their beliefs and customs off their larger canine counterparts. Many are familiar with the cats that currently reside at that lakefront, but how well do we know the story of our friend the wolf? Follow me, wanderer, into a different world. Follow me deep into the heart of the wilderness. Come to the lands ruled by the Earth, untainted by the touch of man. Here four packs fight a constant battle of life and loyalty. Will you join us? Our bodies may be weak, but our hearts are strong with an undying loyalty, shared across to us all, with overflowing emotion, with countless memories, with love. Fight with the strength of your ancestors, hunt with the skills taught and finely tuned over countless generations, heal with the wisdom of Starpack at your paws, love as though you will never lose, but most importantly, live. Live as though it is your last day, live those in the pack of your calling. Find where your loyalties lie. Are you a wolf of the Snowpack, peaceful and wise? Or a mysterious and clever member of the Fogpack? Perhaps a shadow lurking in the depths of the sly and silent Nightpack? A ruthless warrior of the valiant, hardened Mudpack? Maybe you belong to no pack at all, but rather roam the lands, unbound by the strict rules of the organized bands, roughing it as a Rouge or a Loner? Where ever your paws land, the path of destiny is a long and winding one, marked with fear and uncertainty at every turn. Are you willing to take the first step of your endless journey?

+ Friendly & active staff
+ Open plot
+ No word count requirement
+ All skill levels welcome!

Wolf Packs is not your typical, by-the-book canon WARRIORS RP. Yes, you will see many concepts remain true to WARRIORS as a whole, but you will also find many ideas unique to this RP and its members. Our biggest difference? The characters, obviously, are not the cats we know and love, but wolves. Take a peek at the site to see the more things that separate us from the majority of the WARRIORS fandom RPs. The plot is a free-for-all, the possibilities are endless! We are a friendly and open RP community with several faithful members, who keep Wolf Packs rolling. Expanding bit by bit, Wolf Packs is still very much a work-in-progress, both with the site itself as well as in the way of plot. At the time this ad was posted, only two of the packs are open, the Snowpack and Fogpack. The Nightpack and Mubpack are still to come. Join us and perhaps the other packs will come available faster. A warning though, remaining active is something that is expected of you. If you're not you will make Swifty cry. So, please, PLEASE, try to be active!

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Wolf Packs RPG {Warriors Wolf Roleplay}
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