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 Those Who Remain

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PostSubject: Those Who Remain   Those Who Remain EmptySun Apr 15, 2012 10:58 pm

The days after Giza’s disappearance and all the horror that came with it went painfully slowly for Tasa. Besides all the trouble the Pridelanders were going through as is, with food becoming more scarce, whispers of the watering hole dwindling, and other such worries that were not meant for a cub, Tasa herself was still going though her personal turmoil even she couldn’t explain. With her sister missing and probably dead, her mother’s uselessness, proof of her father’s lack of care or concern -- and worse, his violence that seemed to be getting worse as the days went by, along with Scar’s suggestion that Giza’s loss was her fault which had been eating away at her for days, Tasa was not doing well.

If possible, the cub had been more irritable the past few days than ever. She had kept to herself, and snapped at anyone who disturbed her. Her mother was still getting over her beatings from the hyenas and Scar, as well as the pregnancy pains that seemed to be getting worse. Heshima looked like an elephant now, and she was sure to pop out her next litter at any time. Tasa couldn’t bring herself to think much of them, as that only dredged up further annoyance in the young cub. Was she not enough? Were her new cubs going to replace her and Giza, the two least liked of the litter? Was something so wrong with them that instead of trying to reteach or save the girls, they would just be replaced with a whole new batch of furballs?

Tasa paused in her musings as she came to a flower, as her pacing and restlessness had brought her out into the Majani Forest (not that anyone tried to stop her. While Scar kept a tight hold over her mother, it seemed he didn’t care what Tasa did, so long as it didn’t bother him or start any trouble). One of the lionesses was close enough to monitor her as well as some of the youngsters who played about in the forest. It was a nice change from the otherwise desolate land, so it was no wonder others were here. But Tasa stared down at the flower, a white thing close to the ground in a patch about the size of her paw. Her paw hung mid-step and at first she moved to stop over the flower, until her expression hardened and she scowled, stomping her paw down onto the flora and battering it into the dirt until all that remained were dirty shreds.

It was a fleeting satisfaction, the destruction of the innocent flower, but satisfaction nonetheless. Tasa kicked away the remains and stalked off a few steps before plopping down in a thin patch of grass, ignoring the others.
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PostSubject: Re: Those Who Remain   Those Who Remain EmptyFri Apr 20, 2012 4:30 pm

Giza’s disappearance came as a great shock to Ari, brining great distress and otherwise an mournful attitude to the usual cheerful cub. She didn’t know the details, nor did anyone care to tell her. With mother off wallowing in her own sadness, along with the pregnancy pains and, unperceived to Ari at the time, pain of beatings from her father, she was of little words and actions. She had talked to Scar a few times since, though he made sure to tell her it was unbecoming of a princess to worry about such petty things, even when the petty thing happened to be her sister. Ari was disturbed at the lack of communication going on at Pride Rock, the atmosphere was sullen and dark, making it suffocating to be there.

Ari now spent her days alone in the cave, curled around some unknown lioness that had been given the duty to watch Ari. She took note of this strange body guard, seeing as her father’s tight watch on the cubs became stricter, though it seemed in this case, only to Ari. Tasa had been nowhere to be found since Giza’s disappearance. Whispers of it being her fault had made its way to the young cubs ears, making her snap in a very un Ari-like fashion, roaring for silence for their foolish and treacherous statements. It wasn’t Tasa’s fault, it couldn’t be. She was now her only sister, therefore more precious to Ari than she had been previously.

Many strange emotions had crept their way into the cubs mind. She was more angry, upset, with a pang of guilt overwhelming it all. Could have this been her fault? Maybe if Ari was there, she could have helped, or convinced her siblings to stay instead of wandering off. She was the oldest, and she was not there. Did that make her responsible for Giza’s death? Either way, there was no changing it. Her sister was gone, and there was no getting her back.

Ari was restless, and alone. She craved attention, and knowledge of all the secrets and whispers floating around. But most of all, she wanted reassurance that one of her sisters were still alive. Ari asked around for Tasa, and although the lionesses cocked a questioning eyebrow at her sudden need for her sister, they didn’t dare ignore Ari. It seemed more noticeable, as she grew, the subtle power the cub had. Being the eldest, and the favorite. Though, she would never exploit it, it simply wasn’t in her character. But still, she would do whatever was needed to watch over her sister, and make sure what happened to Giza didn’t happen to Tasa.

After much convincing, she had finally gotten her care taker to take her to the Majani Forest, where Tasa currently resided. Upon arriving at the lush oasis, Ari was taken aback by the sheer beauty of the place. She had never been here before, though now she questioned why. Green tree’s shaded the lush grass of the area, making it cool and enjoyable. The sweet scent of flowers worked its way through her nostrils. And, although even the forest was now seeing the effects of the drought, Ari had never seen a place quite as beautiful in her young life.

Though, she had little time to stand in awe of the scenery, and immediately began her search for her sister. It was there she found Tasa, curled up in a small patch of grass, emanating a sad and gloomy aura. Ari made soft steps to her sister, not to disturb her in case of her sleeping, before sitting beside her. “Hey Tasa…” She said quietly, nudging her sister slightly “You awake?”
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Those Who Remain
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