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PostSubject: Gerezani Laws   Gerezani Laws EmptySat Mar 31, 2012 4:18 pm

  1. Male and Female prisoners are to be kept separate at all times; the only exceptions are if they both parent one cub in the facility.
  2. Prisoners must keep their claws unsheathed at all times, two warnings will be given before punishment.
  3. Male Prisoners are required to have their left ear notched, an extra notch given per offense.
  4. Female Prisoners are required to have their right ear notched, an extra notch given per offense.
  5. If a prisoner's ear is unable to be notched any more, officers can proceed to notch the other ear.
  6. If a prisoner cannot be notched any more on either ear, the penalty is death by starvation.
  7. Officers can be assigned to a prisoner, but they cannot volunteer to be a certain prisoner's personal officer.
  8. Prisoners are only to be fed twice a day and the minimal amount for survival. If a prisoner takes more than given they can be attacked and up to three extra notches on their ear given.
  9. An attack of an officer by a prisoner results in an automatic death sentence.
  10. Prisoners can only be bailed out by their former land's king or queen.
  11. Any officer attack must be reported with a reason on why the officer attacked the prisoner.
  12. Any male officer can breed with any female prisoner they desire, the cubs are kept in the cub ward and their future is under jurisdiction of the father.
  13. Male prisoners cannot breed with any female officer or prisoner; the exception is if the two were betrothed before the male was sent to prison.
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