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The Pridelanders
Scar & Zira
♂04 ♀05

The Outlanders
Kiume & --
♂04 ♀02

The Coldlanders
Ismahel & --
♂03 ♀03

The Shadowlanders
Ni & Abuto
♂07 ♀03

The Desertlanders
-- & Quanna
♂02 ♀03

The Lowlanders
Nyota & Duara
♂02 ♀09

The Ashlanders
Nako & Heshima
♂02 ♀03

The Rogues
♂04 ♀04

The Other Species
♂03 ♀00

Total: 63
♂31 ♀32

* - Character Found in Want Ads

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PostSubject: Updates!   Fri Mar 23, 2012 8:14 pm

Today is the last day for the activity check, be sure to get ALL your characters in and accounted for! All characters that do not make it in will be considered dropped and abandoned. You are able to reclaim your characters but will be set under a 2-month probation period.

As of today characters should be aged. 1 Week real time is equal to 1 Month game time. If you made your character 2 weeks ago, than they should be 2 months older. Please go by the date the Admin approved your character, not the date you made them.

New Area Added!

The new area is located in the Savannah and it is Gerezani. What is Gerezani you may ask? Well, it's a prison! Now the royals of a kingdom can go one step further and instead of exiling, send these lions to prison. Of course, you can create new characters that already live in the prison or officers for the prison as well. Lets get this place thriving! Just be warned that you can't send cubs there unless they actually killed another cub; cubs there are only there because of their parents being there.
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Gender : Female

Posts : 175
Pride Points : 257852
Join date : 2012-01-01
Age : 23

PostSubject: Re: Updates!   Sat Mar 24, 2012 2:00 pm

Roleplaying Areas have been cleaned up! Any thread that has not received any action in more than a month has been moved to the archives. If an unfinished thread was moved and you wish for it to be open again, please contact me with where the thread was located and I will reopen it.

Zira and Malka have been dropped by their respective players for certain reasons. If you wish to play them, please contact either Bee (for Malka) or Rox (for Zira) for the Zira/Malka account information.
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