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PostSubject: Confrontation   Fri Mar 16, 2012 7:50 am

The trek from the the Coldlands to the Lowlands was horrible. Shinikizo had spoken of keeping her Jabari and Ziko, which had immediately panicked the young mother. Though she had expected it, she'd panicked. She had not wanted her precious babies to be taken from her, and so she had awoken early and stole away with her cubs. Each grumbled about being tired as they trotted after her, and for many lengths she had to carry them on her back. They seemed to enjoy this, seated on her back as they giggled. Eventually, she tired completely of their constant whines and she allowed them all to pile up on her back. It slowed her walk, and made her even more tired but she had to get back to the Lowlands.

Though Shani was young, she had been a rogue once and knew the dangers of the open plains. When it came to the open plains, she demanded the cubs get down and follow after her. She moved stealthily throughout the bushes, shrubbery and trees. The cubs found this enjoyable, and they giggled as they dashed after her. She smiled at them as they stumbled over one another and went toppling into a bush. "Hush, darlings." She whispered to them, and they all giggled, before they remained silent and followed after her. Much to her relief, she arrived at the Lowlands. She was pleased when her darlings as she had come to call them, squealed at the sight of the jungle. Clearly, they thought it full of adventures.

Shani let out a squeak of alarm as she saw a familiar flash of brown, but she was relieved when it appeared to merely be a bird. Now that they had made their way mostly through the jungle, she felt safe and at home. She led the cubs to the main sleeping area of the Lowlanders, and once they were safely inside she was surprised to see two other cubs. She'd been away so much she'd never discovered that Nyota was pregnant, but it was clear by the colouring of the female that she was Nyota's daughter. She told her darlings to be quiet and sleep. They protested, but she refused to allow them to stay up so they all crowded around her as she laid down and slept beside her.
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PostSubject: Re: Confrontation   Fri Mar 16, 2012 5:48 pm

Nyota had been patrolling near the den that night, ever watchful for the father of her cubs to return and claim one as his own heir. Weariness had set in and she was returning to the den to rest when she saw movement heading towards where her cubs slept. Her ears folded back with concern, but she soon realized it was one of her own pride lionesses. It had been weeks, perhaps even months since the younger lioness had made herself scarce, but with so much on her own plate, Nyota had been too distracted to give much thought to Shani's whereabouts. Now, Nyota could see why she had been absent, and she gasped quietly when she saw the large litter trailing behind their mother into the den.

Shani was young and she had lost both of her parents. There was no one to guide her through the challenges of life, no one to warn her against the opposite sex and what grown males wanted to do when they saw a pretty young lioness. In a way, Nyota felt responsible, for it should have been her trying to stop Shani from giving in to her urges with whichever lion came on to her. Nyota could imagine the scene, with a lion undoubtedly whispering sweet promises of love and adoration to get what he desired from Shani. The queen was surprised that the lioness had been old enough to conceive at all... It had to have been her first season possible, she figured. Any lion that would trick such a youthful, inexperienced lioness to birth him a litter was despicable in Nyota's eyes, and she was more upset with the unknown father than with Shani herself.

Stepping over to the mouth of the den, Nyota tried to remind herself to remain calm. She poked her head inside the sleeping area, where Shani had just managed to convince her litter to go to sleep. Nyota's gaze shifted from one cub to another -- there appeared to be so many now, she simply couldn't believe her mis-matched eyes! A few of the cubs looked very much like Nyota's own litter, as if they had all been born together. When Nyota spied Shani's white cub, her heart leapt to her throat and her mouth fell ajar in shock. There was only one lion Nyota knew that had a pelt as pure as the snow, and she immediately believed Shani had been seduced by none other than King Ismahel of the Coldlands himself.

"May I have a word with you?" She kept her tones low, as not to wake any of the seven sleeping cubs that now resided within the den. It was clear that Shani was exhausted, and Nyota could only imagine what had happened to her. Once the younger lioness had joined the jungle queen outside of the sleeping quarters, Nyota's eyes were blazing. "Who did this to you?" Her voice was demanding, but gentle, imagining the worst had happened to Shani. If that were the case, Nyota herself would punish the male responsible.
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PostSubject: Re: Confrontation   Sat Mar 24, 2012 10:29 pm

Shani felt dread within her at what was to come. There were many things that were within the young lionesses mind, things that a newly adult lioness like herself should not have to experience, nor worry about. However, as it was, she was very concerned. As she'd entered, she'd failed to notice Nyota's presence and was now to deep in thoughts to see the other chocolate coloured lioness. She stared down at her sleeping cubs with tear-filled eyes, and mostly for Jabari and Ziko. They were her babies, and she didn't want Shinikizo to take them from her.

The coldlands were freezing, barren lands that a cub should not grow up in. She did not care if it would make them stronger, fiercer cubs, she felt they belonged here with herself. She knew that Shinikizo would soon come find her and take the cubs from her, but this did not mean she wouldn't try to prevent it. Her sweet cubs were too precious to her, and it made her sad to think that they would be trained to be killers in the Coldlands.

Shani was beginning to also worry about Nyota's reaction to her cubs. She was fearful that she may be out-cast in her home, and have to be a rogue with 5 cubs. The thought set her teeth on edge, and she jumped when Nyota requested a word with her, and she nodded her head. She forced her tired legs to lift her up and followed Nyota out of the den. When asked who did this to you, Shani ung her head and stared down at her paws. "A lion, from the Coldlands." She mumled.
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PostSubject: Re: Confrontation   Sat Mar 24, 2012 11:34 pm

Nyota's dual colored eyes widened in horror when Shani admitted that it was a lion from the Coldlands that had tricked her into breeding with him at such a young age. Instantly, this confirmed her worst fears, that the same lion she had seduced had gone and done the same to one of her own lionesses, and mere days after! She shivered inadvertantly as she thought of the distant kingdom in the mountains, how she felt as if she would certainly freeze to death if she had not found the king of the pride to take her in for the night. "No, not Ismahel! I suppose he will be returning to claim half of your litter, as well," she lamented, voice suddenly tinted with emotion at the thought of her own inevitable loss.

"Do you wish to remain a member of my pride? Is this why you have returned to us?" It was clear that Shani was nervous, and now that the initial shock was wearing off, Nyota inhaled sharply to steady herself, and her sharp look disappeared. She didn't want to scare the new mother, or chase her off when clearly she had risked a great deal to return to the jungle. A faint smile was offered, and she stepped closer to offer a reassuring nuzzle to the younger lioness. "You and your cubs are welcome here. They will be treated no differently than my own cubs, I give you my word, Shani."

It would only benefit the pride to have more members after all, and this was a time of plenty in the Lowlands, where there was enough to eat for all members of Nyota's pride. But she was worried about the father of Shani's new litter, just as she was concerned for her own son Sakitu's future. Looking towards the den again, a small sigh was uttered for the helpless youngsters inside, who were helpless pawns in the affairs of their parents.
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PostSubject: Re: Confrontation   

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