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The Pridelanders
Scar & Zira
♂04 ♀05

The Outlanders
Kiume & --
♂04 ♀02

The Coldlanders
Ismahel & --
♂03 ♀03

The Shadowlanders
Ni & Abuto
♂07 ♀03

The Desertlanders
-- & Quanna
♂02 ♀03

The Lowlanders
Nyota & Duara
♂02 ♀09

The Ashlanders
Nako & Heshima
♂02 ♀03

The Rogues
♂04 ♀04

The Other Species
♂03 ♀00

Total: 63
♂31 ♀32

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 Teo's Pride

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Gender : Female

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PostSubject: Teo's Pride   Mon Jan 02, 2012 8:00 pm

Family: Mate of Ilani - (Deceased); Father of Tao, Kavu and Kudumu; Adoptive Father of Zivia; Son of Dumaka*; Brother of Kato
Looking For: Pridemembers, Dumaka*
A headstrong male and King of the Outlands. He cares for his pride and would do anything for them. He doesn't take trespassers lightly and will usually fight against them. Especially if they are aligned with Scar. Having been a former Pridelander, he yearns for the days that used to be. His mate Ilani died whilst giving birth to their three children; Tao, Kavu, and Kudumu. With the death of Lani, Kiume has vowed never to love another female again and will only forfeit the title of queen to his daughter Tao if he stays in the Outlands. Kiume fights not under his name, but under Mufasa's name and will be there with an army for all who defy Scar. With Zivia and Kavu's disappearances, Kiume has been more solemn as of late.

Family: Son of Scar and Zira; Half Brother to Mheetu - (Deceased), Ari - (Deceased), Tasa, Giza, Kifu, Uma and Sibu; Cousin of Simba
Looking For: Friends
Having grown up under the reign of his father, Nuka has become tougher than normally meets the eye. After his sister Ari's death, Nuka had an argument with his father which split the two apart. Now Nuka hates his father along with the rest of the pride (besides his mother). A training session with his mother will result in him being nervous around her, never wanting to make her that angry again. He will despise the younger siblings that his mother or father have, knowing that they were only created because his parents saw him as weak. But Nuka will one day prove them all wrong, one way or another. He will soon be exiled to the Outlands, but will try to seek peace with the Pridelanders. And along the way, he may just end up finding love.


Family: Mate of Abuto; Father of Kirabo, Kovu (Kanu)* and Vitani (Zuri)*; Brother of Kimondo - (Deceased), Adoptive Father of Kiasi and Makosa
Looking For: Pridemembers, Kovu (Kanu)*, Vitani (Zuri)*
Being king is something that Ni never wanted to be, but after his brother Kimondo's death it was something he was forced onto. He and his friend Abuto took in two abandoned cubs from the Pridelands -Kiasi and Makosa- and have raised them as their own. Finally after a few years being without a queen, Ni fell in love with the mother of his adopted cubs and became Abuto's mate. The two now have three children together: Kirabo, Kanu and Zuri. However things won't be so perfect when trouble befalls the Shadowlands and two of his children are stolen right from his eyes.

Family: Mate of Giza; Son of Shinikizo - (Deceased) and Shani - (Deceased); Brother of Jabari, Ziko, Sakina and Malaika
Looking For: Friends
Having both of his parents die one right after another has scarred Upendo for life. However he will push through it and become a better lion because of it. Despite being one of the only males in the pride, Upendo doesn't wish to become the princess' mate, stating that he would rather be his best friend's mate than hers. Since his mother's death, Upendo has gone out along with Giza in search of his brothers and Giza's sister. And when the two return, Upendo will return as an adult, in more than one way. Soon he will have the chance to become something that his own father wasn't, a caregiver.

Family: Mate of Nako; Mother of Ari - (Deceased), Tasa, Giza, Kifu, Kiasi and Makosa; Surrogate Mother of Uma
Looking For: Friends, Pridemembers
Having being exiled from the Pridelands with the blame of her daughter's death, Heshima and her son Kifu ventured to the Lowlands and found a forgotten kingdom. Having found a friend there, Heshima rules alongside a lion called Nako as queen. She has recently been reunited with her long lost daughter Giza and is also at the same time developing romantic feelings for Nako. Soon enough, Heshima will be given the chance of a lifetime to fall in love and finally get everything that she wanted in life. Little does she know, she will soon become a grandmother, something that will make her feel very, very old in her life.

Family: Son of Yetu - (Deceased) and Aisha - (Deceased); Half Brother of Nako
Looking For: Friends
A very spiritual cub, Chui walks in the path of the Great Spirits. He is always the one to break up fights and will normally advise someone on what he feels the Great Spirits would want them to do. Chui is adventurous, usually finding his ways to the Desertlands or the Ashlands depending on how far he could get away. Technically being responsible for his mother's death, Chui is very lonely at times for there are no cubs his age to wrestle with. However, Chui has no idea that he has another part of his family waiting over the pass in the Ashlands nor that his step-niece is residing in the Lowlands with him as well.

I'm open to any plotting ideas you guys might have!
* - Character found in Want Ads or Canon List

Upcoming Characters

Kuraka - Outsider
Akiva - Lowlander
Kondo - Pridelander
Hasana - Coldlander
Sukari - Desertlander
Baako - Outlander
Enzi - Coldlander

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PostSubject: Re: Teo's Pride   Thu Feb 09, 2012 9:37 pm

Here's a couple of plots for you!

Shani and Heshima: Shani's a very curious and playful lioness, soon to be an adult. She could be wandering near the Pridelands, and Heshima might sneak off from the group for a little while just to relax and release any pent up anger. Her and Shani could become friends, and Shani would try to convince Heshima to come back to her Pride - whether Heshima does it is up to you! Smile

Shani and Shinikizo: As previously mentioned, Shani is soon to be an adult, and is very curious. She could be playing in the Frozen Lakes (she has rarely seen ice before) when Shinikizo finds her. He could be cold, and they get off on the wrong foot the first time they meet, with Shinikizo chasing her off, but when she comes back a few (game) weeks later, she's an adult lioness and wants to apologise for her rudeness. Shinikizo might decide she is suitable to bare his children, turn on the charm and Shani would fall for him rather quickly, bare his children and when he attempts to kill her, or whatever he does, Shani can run and her character can develop into a less trust worthy and more skeptical lioness due to feeling betrayed by him Razz
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Gender : Female

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PostSubject: Re: Teo's Pride   Fri Feb 10, 2012 3:37 pm

Heshima and Shani:
I could see the two becoming friends and being able to talk about 'girl talk' even though Heshima might be a little more shy and reserve. She would take Shani's offer to heart, but wouldn't be able to leave since she has four cubs, all of which are Scar's. When Simba comes back, Heshima might be exiled even though she was only used, she might remember Shani and seek refuge with her litter in the Lowlands.

Shinikizo and Shani:
Shinikizo would have his eyes on Shani as soon as the two meet. He really doesn't care about age difference and even though he knows his cubs would be of smaller size, he would try as hard as he could to seduce her. Kizo really doesn't want the mothers to get in the way of his plan (where he ultimately will die) so he would try to kill her, but then again, he might keep her at his side so she would be able to take care of any more cubs that he has. That being said, he might not want another cub from her depending on what the first cub(s) look like. But Kizo might just end up falling for her, we'd have to thread it out. xD
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PostSubject: Re: Teo's Pride   Fri Feb 10, 2012 5:13 pm

Alright! Smile

Well, I can or you can open a thread for Shani and Heshima in the Pridelands, and Shani has an open thread in the Coldlands. We could use that as a first time they meet sort of situation, or I can make a closed thread? Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Teo's Pride   Fri Feb 10, 2012 5:22 pm

Replied to Shani's thread in the Coldlands, and you can start a thread for them if you want. I'll get to replying after dinner.
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PostSubject: Re: Teo's Pride   Thu Mar 29, 2012 10:34 pm

Topic cleaned and ready to plot! ^^
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PostSubject: Re: Teo's Pride   Sun Apr 08, 2012 4:00 pm

Where to start... Here are just a few random ideas:

Kiume/Scar -- Scar blames many of his problems on Kiume. I don't know if these two should ever interact, though, but they could! Thoughts?

Nuka/Scar -- I just noticed the post you made for them, I'll reply to that later on today!

Nuka / Tao -- Tao and Nuka can meet when they're older, but I think they'd be interesting, since both are royalty in their prides before Simba returns. Tao won't mind giving up her title, and she would feel for Nuka and his problems.

Heshima/Scar -- There was still a thread going with these two and Tasa (Prisoner by Default) that I don't think was finished after Scar hurt Heshima.

Shinikizo/Jabari -- Jabari is going to have anger issues, and problems with rage and violence, too. I'd like to scene Jabari's training at least once so I know what he's going through.
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PostSubject: Re: Teo's Pride   Thu Apr 26, 2012 2:57 pm

Rafiki and Heshima
Since she's imprisoned in Pride Rock at the moment, I don't believe that they can plot, though it would be nice to see.

Rafiki and Nuka
They could meet and talk. Rafiki could teach him a lot, only while Scar is away.

Pumbaa and Upendo
It would be fun to see these two running into each other, since Upendo would probably find Pumbaa funny.

Ukarimu and Ni
Ukarimu absolutely adores Ni! He sees him as the coolest guy in the pride and loves to hang out with him. So, a thread won't do any harm, now won't it? Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Teo's Pride   Sun Sep 23, 2012 10:41 pm

Plotting Page Updated!

Heshima | Chui | Kiume | Ni | Nuka | Upendo

Plotting Page!

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PostSubject: Re: Teo's Pride   

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Teo's Pride
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